Publishing Manuscripts

Publishing manuscripts, poems and letters are as easy as uploading your word document on a webpage.  This is an Excerpt from the book Reggie’s Story, about addiction and incarceration.Written by, George Maris

At this time, for me it was time to go to school .I was scared. I was always scared my kindergarten year. For some reason I got this notion, when I can see my reflection at my feet I would become paralyzed. It was like stepping into the water, you know what I mean? I think I might of heard something about, we were brought over by boats and slavery and stuff, all that mess. I wouldn’t step into the street to go to school. The school was right there across the street. There was a streetlight and the crossing guard. I would stand there and cry and cry. It so happened the first week of school it rained, the whole week. So every time I went to that corner, I would cry. My sister would try to pull me. My sisters beat me and try to drag me across the street. I always thought I would drown, if I step my foot into the street. I guess they figured out, I wasn’t gonna go to school in the morning or something.

My grandmother she was like 98 and she was blind. So they use to sit me with her. I would sit around with her till it was time for me to go to school and stuff. That’s when I first stole (some pennies). I don’t know where I got Stealing. I do know my grandmother had some pennies in a jar. I ran down to the store, (I had some freedom). My grandmother she’s just about blind, fooled me, she knew I took those pennies. I said Oh Lord.


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