Morning Coffee

Monica Morris Lewinsky, Morning Coffee
How to make a already good cup of coffee better. Whether it’s our existence, or Personalities, we are continually striving. Everyday our mundane lives seem to crave more of something else. The humanity gene, our brain fires up electrons stimulating thoughts and patterns. Marketing strategies have focused on making a good cup coffee better. We’ve added cinnamon re-created all sorts of different names and flavors for brands. Even the creamer was molested by vanilla and other extracts. Why? Did we get up one morning and decide, “this isn’t for me anymore”? While searching up and down the supermarket aisles, looking for a particular coffee blend, insistence of the one I want, has now become bland.
This metaphor only describes life situations in which every day that we get up and we do something, we’re also searching for something else. Out humanity is hardwired for change. It brings with it ideas, challenges and tastes. We got stuck if we no longer desire other things. My mention of course is for the every day things not out deepest thoughts.
Examples of this can easily be seen, by watching a movie, reading a book
Is it possible to have read or watched the same thing a dozen times I would say not. It’s obvious we are a need for something else, more stimulation, more ideas, more creativity, more, more, more.
All you hard earned Catholics put down that ruler, stop beating yourself up and go for it, think about change, think about something else.
Blog by Monica Morris Lewinsky


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