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Up On My Tea

updates and status reports also, referred to as Morning Tea. Although, these events occur throughout the day, it’s specific for the long hours between evening and morning. Like tea there are so many types, kinds, flavors, and tastes. Morning Tea depends on, what may have happened or maybe happening, on that particular day. When preparing for an event, meeting, or when the news of something is likely to be of some bad nature, Chamomile tea with a biscuit (biscotti) would an appropriate name for the Morning Tea. Chamomile lists over 100 separate ailments and conditions which chamomile has been traditionally used to treat.  The word biscotti originates from Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice-cooked/baked”

Going through the fire once is enough, but twice, news that day is expecting either good or bad results. Being up on my tea, is catching up on Facebook, emails, blog posts and news. Along with news comes gossip. Tea traditionally is served hot, like gossip “have you heard about,” hot off the press, steaming, but yet savored. It’s not quite, The Ladies of The Lake or tea and gossip with Haywood Smith and least not forget “What could be sweeter than tea with Blue Water High’s Kate Bell and Cariba Heine? Sometimes it is what it is, just plain tea with toast.